Dirty tricks of food photographers

Today we are taking photographs of food with photocritic. That is the day of the photograph of the international food. I already posted hints to catch delicious food, but if you need some help during styling, it’s dark, creative and dirty trick. Never see pictures of food magazines in the same way.

I have seen charming photos of vivid colorful fresh vegetables, luxury cherry pie, golden brown roasted turkey. This picture that you often see in shiny cookbooks and magazines makes us believe that we can make such delicious dishes according to recipe. And a lot of us can do. Well most of them.

Behind the kitchen door you can eat fresh baking brownies and juicy crown roasts. Food is a difficult thing for photographers. Natural law guarantees that: hot food is cold and damp food is dry. Cold food melts particularly quickly under hot light. However, fixed food photographers are challenging these challenges by using highly original trick bags.

And yes, it includes motor oil, spray deodorant and brown shoe polish …

In addition to just using pure food, actually using food is taking a practical way of using imitation food every time we increase opportunities. If the photo is going to be part of the advertising campaign, the rule requires the target food to be “real”, but imitation strawberries and false lemonade acrylic ice cubes that are slightly out of focus are accepted It is to deprive non – purists who do not come out in an easy way).

In addition to the necessary photographic equipment, the food photographer is required to supply from hardware, food, fabric, drag, art supply store to achieve the achievement of food photography.

I will show you some items on your shopping list. And at least one reason each has a valid place in the apron pocket of the photo log:

Blowtorch (to brown the edge of the raw hamburger patty), rough skin of raw chicken, hot dog. (Note: simmer a hot dog for a while before torchting unless your goal is an action shot of a pink meat food explosion.

Motor oil as a stand for non-photosynthetic syrup.

Glycerin comes with a paint brush (for making seafood like that caught in the morning) of artists of various sizes and a bottle containing mist (sprite’s lettuce salad, just picked and rinse) I will.

Cotton balls work very well to create an illusion of sultry food when soaked and baked in microwave.

Spray deodorant. Grape gives a velvet with no frost.

Hairspray can give a new life to the dried slab of the cake.

I use a spray fabric protector to prevent the motor oil syrup from immersing in the pancake. This pancake is aesthetically pleasing, still random scattering (still hungry?

Hold the chewy sandwiches together and try the perfect crumbs from the hot (wink wink) muffins.

Loose stir-fried noodles with tweezers, and organize very important bread crumbs.

Large syringe emulates the effect of padded bra that blows mashed potatoes under the chicken skin and cooks with a torch to make it look delicious and voluminous.

As brown shoes are polished, raw meat seems to have just just ripened.

Smoke pellets and incense sticks are lightly agitated and smoke disperses, so they can withstand steam and avoid the appearance of cigarettes placed behind the pot pies.

Serial photos and white glue used instead of milk for repairing mice (actually filled with mashed potatoes, the serving size pieces are cut off and the resulting opening edges are lemon custard or big yellow strawberry fillings It is rugged).

When artistically torn in the form of a blob, the paper towel can paste the goosee syrup to the top of the ice cream. This is really a mixture of powdered sugar and shortening.

Durable cardboard boxes used to make raw (blown away edges) fabric so that fat patty does not foam the fried lettuce (with the help of a toothpick) Strategically placed hat pin and boiler! A perfect hamburger in the world. (Note: selection of bread is an important part of the setup process, photographers are known to adhere sesame seeds to bare space too much.)

The art of food photography gives credibility to philosophical maxims. Perception is indeed a reality. With a little exercise, you can develop a wise shortcut and a fantastic palm movement along with the most patienceful part and pass it to the next generation of appetizing next generation

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