Real Simple Cooking School: Pantry Essentials

Olive oil
I can not cook without it. Ideal for daily cooking and dressing and drinks. Please choose middle of road oil for everyday cuisine. Californian olive ranch and collabita are both good grocery options. If you like, please replenish the source with high quality extra virgin olive oil for the finish dish. Everything you need to know about olive oil is here.

Kosher salt
I like Kosher salt for that consistent grain. Grains are larger than sea salt and salt, so they can actually feel with fingers. This is my favorite way to pick the season. Practice seasoning with your fingers. It is one of the keys to more confident home cooking.

Pepper fruit
Please choose Peppercorn and Sturdy Grinder of Telcic Cherry from Peugeot. Always use fresh ground.

A very large number of dish building blocks, onions are found in every dish and a rich kitchen all over the world. Yellow onions are cooked for many purposes, but please try cooking white or red onion. Do not forget the rest of the family of Alrium: Shout, Nira, Scully is an easy and cheap way to spread the taste of your repertoire. The details of the onion family are here.

It is a long way to go. The raw or cooked garlic used will add the depth of taste that can not be matched. Use it as an onion as a base for soup or sauce, add quickly chopped clove to dressing or yoghurt, quickly soak it, or rub the raw cloves into toast to make a quick and easy garlic bread.

Dry spices
Choose some of the dried spices you like (thinking about frying paprika, whole cumin, or coriander), add it to tomato sauce, sprinkle it on chicken and vegetables and roast it. Recognize fragrance profiles such as Latin, Italian and Indian cuisine and start predicting which spices are made together. Another big step to improve skills as a chef.

Whole body tomato
Some tomatoes are made of peeled tomatoes. Blend for easy salsa, boil the classic Marinella, add it to curry, ready to serve. For information on how to make the best of canned tomato, please refer to this guide.

Chickpeas and other beans
Change the salad to a meal, add healthy vegetarian protein and fiber to the cereal bowl, and fill the simple vegetable soup. We choose several kinds you like and keep it. Look for something with a convenient pop top: you do not need a can opener. Please find our favorite pick here.

Red wine and white wine vinegar are suitable for starting for your vinaigrette. Balsamic is an excessive use in my opinion, but it is the best sweet choice for degreasing dishes after boiling the meat. Sherry vinegar has sophisticated acidity and is ideal for pickling quickly with shallots and onions. Rice vinegar is light, apples cider vinegar packs big punch for classic pickles. Please try different types of dishes.

Please get a big egg at any time. Scrambled, fried potatoes, or frittata ‘s eggs are easy and cheap proteins. If possible please find free range and organic. In other words, chickens can afford to walk around and are given organic feed.

Note: Most baking recipes require big eggs (and most effective). Size is no problem. Too many eggs have resilient, excessively rising cakes and cookies. If it is too small, you can not get enough moisture or lift

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